Monday, June 05, 2006

The Influence of Mind Over Body

According to this article( Seal, 1997 ), there are several different individual ways in stress. It defines stress as the physical and emotional response to a stimuli and stressor as our environment. Physical disasters, big life events, and daily problems can cause stress. We have to use our mental resources to deal with it.
Seyle, a physiolosist, who has studied reaction to any stressor, describes three stages in his general adaptation syndrome. First, there is alarm reaction in which organism become highly alert and energized. Second, in the resistance reaction time to adapt or to escape to the stressful. If we cannot adapt we would be exhausted or breakdown.
Seyle did research with rats and other animals. They had the same stress reaction. In humans; is harder to anticipate how they will react to stress. People think so many different things. Some people are afraid of talking in front of a class or facing a deadline term paper is too stressful. Stress reactions arouse anger and some depression.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Re-shaping the North Korea via telecommunication technology a cross North Korea’s northern and southern borders, business and technology are booming, especially in the telecommunications industry. Chinese telecom companies setting up relay stations near the border, an increasing member of North Koreans may now access the network. Aggressive market expansion by Chinese telecom companies, dramatic growth of Sino-North Korean border trade, and continued North Korean experiments in economic reforms. As communications technology led primarily by the spread of cell phones Northeast Asian information technology sphere is starting to emerge, with China poised to become the power center and hub.

It may drastically alter the cultural, political, and economic landscape of the region, as we have gone through the booming of telecommunication technology. Chinese telecommunication companies and North Korean government helps to build North Korea technology infrastructure, as well as the company it self. Even though booming of North Koreans telecommunication, it is likely to bind them closer to China and South Korea. I hope this would help unification of North Korea and South Korea and business growth of both country.

Monday, May 08, 2006

I went to

we can see rudebehavior in the movie theater, restaurant, and other places. The most common thing is that people are talking loudly on their cell phones. They don't consider others, and others simply scowl at them. They talk to throw dirt at their friends on the phone. Most adults think adolescents, and young people are quite different than their past today, and adults are mortified at young people's bad manners.

In my country we have the same thing as America. The adults often tut at the rude behavior of the young. Some people have no sense of propriety but I think Americans are more impolite than Koreans. I saw several impolite behaviors; That really shocked me. I think the politeness connects with home-training- it's out fundamental notions. There should be courtesy even between close friends.

by Hanna

Thursday, April 27, 2006

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According to this wep site, Crashes are driven by panic by fundamental economic essential part. The most famous crash is take off, when the stock Market Crash of 1929. This thing preceded the huge dullness, and there is another stock Market crash on October 19, 1984; the sequence was reiterated.

It could be millions of people lost considerable fortune, and it might able to be cause enormous unemployment. Many peoples are expect to produce important cost savings over and over.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I went to illinoisamishcountuy
Illinois Amish have grown gradually They are living and working in farmland. The surrounding countryside is bound with many Amish, gift shops, and other activities; they ware built up a healthy Amish country Which is free from care to live and work.

Amish seek profit in their life, and it seems like it is not an easy way, but they have the right to the pursuit of happiness.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Most children today live in step relationships. Divorced families have lots of problem in
Invisibility, for exemplas social tension or social inequality between real and step and then children have to spend more time with their parent but the parent are always concern about everything so they can’t if they want. They may meet with an expected difficulty.
Bodily injury soon heals, but emotional injury takes longer.

In my opinion, nowadays ‘divorce’ and ‘re-married’ these are words we can hear and we come into contact with many of those things at the circumference easily there are several reasons for divorce that a child thinks that they can solve everything in love or pregnancy, and get what they desired, and then their marriage had the blessing of everybody, in spite of dissimilarity in character and sex or economic reason. Most children get damage by divorce, re-marriage and emotional conflict of new family. They feel out of place there. and mistrust. Nevertheless It’s hard to give up the quality of life for the parent.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I learned about sexual harassment. I found this information on the website
There are many kinds of sexual harassment actions. Examples of behavior that may be considered sexual harassment include: First, physical and sexual assault. Second, direct or implied threats that submissions to sexual advances will be a condition of employment work, social position, arise in rank, or letters of recommendation, and sexual questions, jokes, a pattern of conduct that could annoy or humiliate a reasonable person at whom the conduct was obviously directed.
We can go on campus to ask about sexual harassment complaint Resolution officer Seymour Bryson, Affirmative Action office, Seymour Bryson or Marcia Phelps, and the Informal _ Mediation office of the University Ombudsman.

Sexual harassment arises in all part of the country, in school, workplace, hospital and the others. It is still not eliminated. Most women suffer insult more than men and invisibly, but It’s a big problem for both of them. People who suffer sexual harassment are afraid of being damaged again when they let every one know. Many suspects are intact after their bitter experience. We have to tell our mind exactly and produce an atmosphere that, does not tolerate it.